What's on the menu?


Meet the Staff!! Both graduates of Conroe High School, Marcel and Yasmine waiting to serve up some delicious deliciousness!

Waffles and Ice Cream - 2 waffles, ice cream, sauce, whip cream.

$10 2 scoops

$12 3 scoops

$14 4 Scoops

$2 Extra Waffle

Sundaes - 1, 2, 3, or 4 Scoops of premium Ice Cream, topping sauce, whip cream, nuts, a cherry to top it off!

$5 Small

$7 Regular

$8.5 Large

$13 Being Xtra

Banana Split - Whole banana, 3 scoops of ice cream, Chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauce, whip cream, and cherries.


Add another scoop with the works $2.5

Candy Bulk

14.99 LB

Peanut Brittle

$7  Small

$10 Large



Ice Cream Scoops + 2 Toppings Hershey, Ashby, House of Flavor Ice creams

$5 Small  

$6 Regular

$8 Large

$12 Being Xtra

Cones $1.50

Specialty Cones $2.50

Dipped Cones $3.00


$2 Water

$2 Coffee

$2 Hot chocolate

$3 Lemonade

$3 Milk

Ice Cream Shakes

$5 Small  

$7 Regular

$9 Large

Root Beer Float

$5 Small

$7 Regular

$9 Large

$12 Xtra Large Frosty Mug

Take home a SweeTTies Water Bottle $10

Mixology House Desserts

$8 Small  |  $10 Regular  | $12 Large 

Brownie Dream - Ghiradelli Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Fudge, Whip Cream, Cherry

Cookie Crumbles - 2 Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate ice cream, warm Nutella, whip cream, cookie crumbles

Delicious Mess (+$2) - 3 layers of cookies and brownies, ice cream of choice, topping sauce of choice, candy topping of choice, whip cream and cherry to top

Berry Forest - Pound Cake, vanilla ice cream, Mixed berry sauce, coconut sprinkles, cherry on top.

Peanut Butter Better - Brownie, vanilla ice cream, warm peanut butter, Reese's crumbles

Strawberry Limeade Shortcake - Pound cake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries in sweet lime juice, whip cream.


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