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[3301 W. Davis St. Ste C, Conroe, TX 77304]

Hours of operation

Mon 11am - 8pm

Tues 11am - 8pm

Wed 11am - 8pm

Thu 11am - 8pm

Fri 11am - 8pm

Saturday/Sunday - Available for parties

Experience fresh made cookies with new twist and flavors. Grab a bag of candy to access your inner child. Or just have a few scoops of ice cream and enjoy the day, it's all at SweeTTies!

SweeTTies is a new venture for our family and we can't wait to grow, expand, and experience new ideas with the community. Located across from Conroe High School we hope to be a place students, teachers, and every sweett tooth in between can enjoy for a SweeTT time!